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Afrika is a design studio founded by Florian Jakober and Michael Zehnder.
We do graphic design with focus on visual identities and type design.

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Comic Stipendien – Visual Identity

Atelier Gut – Corporate Identity

ALTR — Corporate Typeface

Steindruckerei Wolfensberger – Artist Book

Replaced by Robots – Machine Drawings

Misui – Corporate Typeface

A f A f – Corporate Identity

Min Li Marti – Election Campaign

Chaos and Order – Knitted Uniforms

Rico & Michael – Artist Website

We're living in Baroque Times!
Illustration Series

Floresta – Bespoke Typeface

Musée Visionnaire – Visual Identity

Experimental Alphabet – Type Research

Voces Suaves – Visual Identity

Koban – Retail Typeface

Sons of Imago – Website & Movie Title

Time is Time – Visual Identity

Objetos da Floresta – Exhibition Identity

Clinic Rehalp – Signage System

Vitrine Galerie – Visual Identity & Website

Wer kocht gewinnt #1 – Magazine

Peter Müller – Lookbook & Poster Series

50 Shortstories – Text Book 

Andrea Bandoni – Stationary

Komplott – Shop Identity

Neue Menschen – Super Size Edition

Radiologisch – Identity & Printed Matter

Neue Menschen – Artist Book

Matthias Tharang – Artist Website